Twitter Ask Me Anything, hosted by Evelyn Jun 02, 2021
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Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Evelyn, an incredibly ambitious and determined future software engineer looking to land her first job at a Big Tech company. Evelyn had excellent questions about tech that I think anyone looking to enter the industry should be asking. Below are the questions and my responses. This post is a living, breathing blog post which I will be updating all the time.



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The Ultimate 2021 "No Whiteboard" Tech Company List "no whiteboard" May 24, 2021
Tech Girl Magic

It is possible to land a job in tech without going through an algorithm & data structure hiring loop. The companies and teams listed here use majority interview techniques and questions that involve take home tests, pair programming, behavioral interviews, system design interviews and other non algorithm & data structure heavy questions.

While leveraging this list in your company search, be careful to confirm the specific company, role, AND location. Often, hiring and interview processes differ even within the same company.

Finally: this list is compiled...

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No, I Am Not Lost stanford May 21, 2021

A Black woman’s experience in the Stanford Computer Science Major

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This is a re post from a blog post I originally wrote on Jul 20, 2015 about my personal experiences while in the drudges of the Stanford computer science major. Enjoy, and always stay encouraged!

As a Black female CS major at Stanford, I hate walking around the halls of the Gates Computer Science Building.

It’s not because the Gates interior reminds me of 1970 even though it was built in the 1990s. It’s not because of the memories I have of CS107's Heap Allocator turning me into a...

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About May 21, 2021

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