Twitter Ask Me Anything, hosted by Evelyn

Jun 02, 2021
Tech Girl Magic

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Evelyn, an incredibly ambitious and determined future software engineer looking to land her first job at a Big Tech company. Evelyn had excellent questions about tech that I think anyone looking to enter the industry should be asking. Below are the questions and my responses. This post is a living, breathing blog post which I will be updating all the time.



At a high level, the main steps to getting into software engineering roles at a Big Tech company are:

  1. Build Experience
  2. Build Tech Resume or Network
  3. Apply or Get Referred To Positions
  4. Successfully Complete Interviews

As i continue fleshing out this post I will link to even more resources to learn more about each of these!

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Twitter Ask Me Anything, hosted by Evelyn

Jun 02, 2021

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